Bank Central Asia

Intern • May 2022 — Jul 2022

Developing an API endpoint for an existing COBOL-CICS-IMS application via z/OS Connect, and performing necessary modification to existing applications to follow business needs.

Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program

COBOL Programming Course Mentee • Jun 2021 — Aug 2021

Developing 7 new chapters for the COBOL Programming Course hosted by Open Mainframe Project, and handling support from course takers which involves interacting with various technology such as SDSF, Db2, RACF, Zowe and z/OSMF.


Singapore Management University

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) • Aug 2019 — Jan 2023 (expected)

Enrolled in the first cohort of Computer Science students, majoring in IT Solution Development with interest in Cybersecurity.


Committer • Nov 2021 — Present

As a Committer for the COBOL Programming Course, I am responsible for ensuring that the project moves forward at the right pace while staying aligned to its primary intent, which is to offer accessible COBOL on z/OS education at no cost to the users through the use of open-source toolings.



I have working experience coding and managing enterprise-level COBOL applications on z/OS. My COBOL Code Portfolio is linked at the Additional Links section below.


I have working experience with DevOps practices and tools, and integrating them for mainframe-based development.


I have working experience with Java and the Spring Boot framework as part of a school course where we created a back-end REST API for a simulated bank using Agile methodology.


I'm comfortable doing presentations in front of a live audience, and have experience doing so. Some of the events I've presented at are linked below.


I have experience coding in REXX to establish a TCP connection to a chat server application written in Java as a task for a school course.

System Administration

I have working experience with Linux and z/OS system administration, handling issues that occurs during operation of the system.


TechChannel • 2022

One out of seven people who is recognized for pushing boundaries and innovating within the zSystems community while being on the platform for less than five years.

IBM • 2022

One out of 83 people in the world awarded in recognition of their expertise and contribution as a thought leader to the IBM zSystems community over the past year.

IBM • 2021

I'm one of the three person in the world selected as the Global Winner for IBM Z Student Contest October 2021. My submission is linked at the Additional Links section below.

IBM • 2020

I'm one of the three person in the world selected as the Global Winner for Master the Mainframe 2020. My Grand Challenge submission and technical reflection is linked at the Additional Links section below.


Open Mainframe Project

Open Mainframe Project Ambassador • Jan 2022 — Present

Advocating for open source technologies in mainframe, and helping others learn about it.

Open Mainframe Project Mentorship Program

COBOL Programming Course Mentor • Jun 2022 — Aug 2022

Mentoring a student through open source contributions to the COBOL Programming Course.


IBM zSystems Ambassador • Jun 2020 — Dec 2021

Advocating for IBM zSystems among the student community, and providing technical support for others through their z/OS journey.

SMU Ellipsis

Coders' Assembly Mentor • Sep 2020 — Nov 2021

Mentoring a total of 10 Computer Science freshmen with their journey into the introductory programming courses taught at SMU, which includes C and Java.

PPI Singapura

Head of Data Administration and IT • Oct 2020 — Oct 2021

Managing a team of 6 to maintain PPI Singapura's website and database, along with executing a census which to-date have increased PPI Singapura's membership by more than 300 people.

Speaking Engagement

Do You Want to Contribute to Open Source?

CNCF Placer Meetup • 27 Oct 2022

Meet the Future of COBOL

Open Mainframe Summit 2022 • 22 Sep 2022

Meet the Future COBOLers

IBM zDay 2022 • 15 Sep 2022

Mentorship Program

The Open Mainframe • 25 Apr 2022

COBOL: Now and Tomorrow

LFX Mentorship Showcase • 12 Jan 2022

COBOL Mentorship Session

Open Mainframe Summit 2021 • 23 Sep 2021

Evolution of Education for the Modern Mainframe Industry

Open Mainframe Summit 2021 • 23 Sep 2021

The New Face of COBOL

Open Mainframe Summit 2021 • 22 Sep 2021

The New Face of COBOL

IBM Z Day 2021 • 15 Sep 2021

The Road Less Travelled - Introduction to COBOL

zStudents Committee • 09 Feb 2021

Master the Mainframe Meetup

IBM Z Day 2020 • 14 Sep 2020


ITIL 4 Foundation

AXELOS • Nov 2021

IBM Z Xplore - Advanced

IBM • Oct 2021

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)

Scrum.org • Aug 2021

Mainframe Operator - Db2 V12 Operations

Interskill • Jul 2021

z/OS REXX Programming

IBM • Jul 2021


  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia

Outside Interests

  • Climate Change
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mainframes
  • Education

Additional Links